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Pyramid and Sphinx Egypt

Viking River Cruise

     Delve into one of the most ancient areas of the world as you sail along the Nile River in Egypt. Gaze at the immensity of  The Pyramids, marvel at dozens of archeological wonders, and bask in the warm Egyptian sun on your river boat as you cruise with Viking and Perfect Impressions Cruises and Tours.


~ Exotic River Cruise along the Nile River
~ Experience ancient Egyptian customs, culture, and fare.
~ See and tour The Pyramids of Giza.
~ Luxurious comfort and unrivaled hospitality
Egyptian Ruins
Egyptian Hieroglyphics


~ 11 exciting shore excursions included, and many more to choose from.
~ Cruise for 12 days & 11 nights
~ Offered in 2024 and beyond.
~ Includes all food and beverages at mealtime
~ From $5,299 per  person. Combine with airfare and save.


See below itinerary for a map of your trip
Day 1
Cairo, Egypt
Cairo Mosque
Arrive in Cairo, one of the premier cities of Africa. Get situated into the comfort of your riverboat, and tour your ship or the city.
Day 2
Cairo, Egypt
Egyptian Mummy
Discover over 100,000 ancient artifacts, hieroglyphs, and mummies on your trip to the quintessential Egyptian Museum. Also take a chauffeured drive around the famous Citadel of Salah el Din.
Day 3
Cairo, Egypt
Egyptian Pyramids
Perhaps a highlight of one's life, today's itinerary boasts some of the most breathtaking, exotic, and exciting experiences any traveler can hope for. Namely, a tour of the Pyramids of Giza and the instantly-recognizable Sphinx.
Egyptian Ruins
Day 4
Luxor, Egypt
Board your short flight to Luxor, Egypt, once a capitol of the ancient world and home to many pharaohs. Enjoy a tour of the ancient Karnak Temple, and witness the grandeur of the massive and historic Great Hypostyle Hall.
Egyptian Hieroglyphics
Day 5
Qena, Egypt
Serving as a major hub in ancient days for Persian and Oriental merchants, enjoy a stop in Qena, Egypt. Explore this historic city and its famous Dendera Temple complex.
Day 6
Nile River
Luxor, Egypt
Return to Luxor today for a fascinating tour of the highlights of  The Valley of The Kings. Considered the gateway to the afterlife, many pharaohs of antiquity were buried here.
Egyptian Ornament
Day 7
Esna, Egypt
The southern Egyptian city of Esna is home to an ancient temple and boasts a rich, diverse history. Not only was this place an Egyptian center for trade, but also was important during the times of Greek and Roman rule as well.
Egyptian Statue
Day 8
Aswan, Egypt
Resting along the banks of the Nile, Aswan hosts a variety of rich Egyptian cultural expressions. From the Nubian Museum to the Aswan Folk Dance Troupe, your experience of this city is sure to be a memorable one.
Day 9
Egyptian Ruins
Aswan & Kom Ombo, Egypt
Continue your immersion into Egyptian culture while you learn to make the world's first paper at the Papyrus Institute. Also enjoy a guided tour of a Nubian Village.
Day 10
Camel in Egypt
Edfu & Luxor, Egypt
This part of Egypt boasts a plethora of ancient treasures, many of which are housed at the Luxor Museum. Witness these and more during your stay here. Also enjoy a guided tour of the magnificently preserved Edfu Temple.
Day 11
Egyptian City
Cairo, Egypt
Board a return flight to Cairo, and check into your hotel. From perfumeries to bustling marketplaces to Egyptian cotton clothiers, Cairo is one of the world's cultural epicenters.
Day 12
Egyptian Market
Cairo, Egypt
After breakfast, check out of your hotel, say goodbye to this Middle Eastern gem, and head home.

Ask about pre and post trip extensions!

*All fares and itineraries are subject to change
Egypt Map



National Animal

Steppe Eagle

Capitol City




Egyptian Pound

Fun Fact

The Nile is the longest river in the world.
Egypt Flag
Egyptian Hieroglyphics
Egyptian Boat
Sunset Egypt
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