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Viking River Cruise

     On this exotic hybrid River and Ocean cruise, you'll enjoy all the pleasures that tropical Caribbean islands have to offer along with the novelty and exciting biodiversity of the Amazon River itself. All from the comfort of your luxurious quarters aboard a state-of-the-art cruise ship.
~ Exotic cruise on the Caribbean Sea and Amazon River
~ Experience the exciting cultures of 6 different countries.
~ Enjoy wildlife-watching excursions,  and see animals such as monkeys, anteaters, and parrots.


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Image by Alin Meceanu


~ Offered in 2024 and beyond
~ Exotic Cruise for 13 days and 12 nights
~ Includes food and beverages during mealtime
~ From $3,999 per person. Bundle airfare and save.
*All fares and itineraries are subject to change


See below itinerary for a map of your trip
Image by Stephanie Klepacki
Day 1
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Board your ship and settle in. Tour the city on your own, or join an after-dark kayak tour of the local bioluminescent waters.
Image by Ismael Marte
Day 2
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Enjoy a guided tour of the largest Spanish-built fort in the Caribbean, Castillo de San Cristobal. Or, if you prefer, take in the lush rain forest via a guided horseback tour.
Image by Lipika Halder
Day 3
Antigua (St. John's), Antigua & Barbuda
Hop on board a local Catamaran tour of the British-influenced country of Antigua, and enjoy a lobster lunch. Alternatively, experience the local history and culture with a tour of the surrounding land and sea.
Image by Scott Taylor
Day 4
Castries, St. Lucia
With dozens of excursions to choose from, the exotic island of St. Lucia is sure to be a highlight of your journey! We recommend the helmet diving experience, or the local landscape and cuisine tour.
Image by AJ
Day 5
Bridgetown, Barbados
Enjoy a glass of local rum on one of the many pristine beaches of Barbados, or take a short submarine tour of the crystalline waters. The ocean here is teeming with fish...and fun!
Image by Sebastian Coman Photography
Day 6
Sail the Caribbean Sea
Enjoy a leisurely day on board, and take advantage of the hot sauna, the cold Snow Grotto or simply bask in the warm Caribbean sun on your ship's deck.
Image by Raychan
Day 7
French Guiana, France
Welcome to South America...and France! French Guiana is a department of France, however, it is located on the continent of South America.Today, experience a self-guided tour of one of the most notorious former penal colonies in the world.
Image by Reiseuhu
Day 8
Sail the Caribbean Sea
Enjoy a delicious waffle for breakfast, then hop in the infinity pool or lounge in one of the music or reading rooms on board.
Image by Hans Luiggi
Day 9
Sail the Amazon River
Witness the wild, exotic, and mysterious Amazon River in all its lush glory! With over 2,500 different species of birds and animals, your tour of the Amazon River will create memories that lasts forever!
Day 10
Image by Matheus Câmara da Silva
Santarem, Brazil
Visit one of the many small Brazillian communities that dot the banks of the Amazon. Pray in the local Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, or try your hand (or pole) at Piranha fishing!
Day 11
Image by Anggit Rizkianto
Parantins, Brazil
Continue on your journey up the Amazon River. Experience an exclusive performance of the exotic folk dance, Boi Bumba. It's inspired directly from the largest annual celebration in the world, Carnival.
Image by Shannon Kunkle
Day 12
Manaus, Brazil
Now over 1,000 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, savor your time in Manaus with a bird watching tour or attempt to catch a glimpse of one of South America's crocodiles, also known as Caymen, during an after-dark boat tour.
Image by Alexander Schimmeck
Day 13
Manaus, Brazil
Disembark your ship in the morning for the flight home, or choose to extend your stay in historic Manaus.

Ask about pre and post trip extensions!

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National Day

September 7th
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Fun Fact

The largest annual celebration, Carnival, is held in Brazil.
Image by Hieu Tran

Capitol City

Image by Juliana e Mariana Amorim
Image by Krys Amon
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