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Mt. Fuji, Japan

Viking Ocean Cruise

    Marvel at Hong Kong's towering skyscrapers, and immerse yourself in cosmopolitan Taiwan. Relax in natural hot springs, and savor authentic eastern cuisine. Somberly witness the historic locations of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Experience all this on your exotic cruise with Viking and Perfect Impressions Cruises and Tours.


~ Tranquil and exotic cruise with stops in 3 countries.
~ Dozens of exciting excursion opportunities
~ Historic tours of Nagasaki and Hiroshima
~ Taste some of the best sushi in the world.
Japanese Garden
Sushi in Japan


~ Offered in 2024 and beyond
~ Exotic Cruise for 15 nights & 14 days
~ Includes all food, beverages, and exciting shore excursions  
~ $7,499 per person. Bundle airfare and save.


See below itinerary for a map of your trip
Big City
Day 1
Hong Kong, China
Arrive in Hong Kong, get situated onboard, and tour your ship or the city.
The Hungry Panda
Day 2
Hong Kong, China
Enjoy a guided tour of Hong Kong, and immerse yourself in the rich culture prior to setting sail.
South China Sea
Day 3
Sail the East China Sea
Experience the beautiful and historic East China Sea as you make your way towards the island of Taiwan.
Taiwan Temple
Day 4
Taipei, Taiwan
Though only about the size of the State of Maryland, Taiwan is an exotic marriage between historic tradition and modern living.
South China Sea
Day 5
Sail the East China Sea
Indulge in authentic Norwegian or Italian Cuisine onboard. Also enjoy the ship's variety of amenities.
Pink Japanese Tree
Day 6
Nagasaki, Japan
Both culturally and historically rich, enjoy a guided visit to Nagasaki Peace Park. Afterwards, delve into the culture or learn about the tragic events of 1945.
Japanese Landscape
Day 7
Kagoshima, Japan
Witness the majestic Sakurajima volcano on your scenic drive around and through this beautiful city.
Japanese Garden
Day 8
Beppu, Japan
Rest & relax in Japan's world-famous natural hot springs. These "Onsen" are a staple in Japanese healing practices. Maybe you'll even make friends with one of the local monkeys!
Japanese Structure
Day 9
Hiroshima, Japan
Experience this historic city on your guided drive. Then chose from a variety of experiences, including a visit to the iconic local Shintō shrine or a taste of "okonomiyaki".
Japanese Castle
Day 10
Hiroshima, Japan
Marvel at the beautiful Hiroshima Castle. This now-museum was once home to Japanese Samurai.
Japanese Garb
Day 11
Osaka, Japan
Whether you want the thrill of riding at 185 mph on Japan's famous bullet train, or you prefer to witness the serenity of ancient temples, Osaka will be a highlight of your journey.
Mt. Fuji
Day 12
Shimizu, Japan
Gaze at the majesty of Mt. Fuji on your chauffeured scenic drive, then witness Shiraito Falls and iconic Japanese cherry trees, or experience the tranquility of a tea plantaition.
Day 13
Shimizu, Japan
After an overnight stay on your harbored ship, experience more of this stunning region with a visit to the local art museum, or see the famous Shintō shrine, Kunōzan Tōshō-gū.
Tokyo, Japan
Day 14
Tokyo, Japan
Enjoy a panoramic drive throughout the city, including a drive over the 2620-foot suspension bridge, and a stop at the Imperial Palace.
Mt. Fuji, Japan
Day 15
Tokyo, Japan
After breakfast, say goodbye to The Land of The Rising Sun as you disembark and begin your journey home.

Ask about pre and post trip extensions!

*All fares and itineraries are subject to change
Far Eastern Horizons Map.JPG



National Animal

Macaque Monkey




Fun Fact

Japanese Building

Capitol City

Tokyo Japan
Flower Trees
Japan Flag
Tokyo is the world's most populous city with over 37 million residents.
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