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Munich River

Viking River Cruise

It's the European experience you've always wanted! Cruise along 3 major rivers to iconic and breathtaking destinations such as Amsterdam, Cologne, Vienna, and Budapest. This 15-day journey will make memories that last forever!


~ Historic cruise throughout Europe
~ Sail along the Danube River.
Visit European castles, churches, monasteries, and parliament buildings.
~ Exciting excursions like flightseeing tours and wine tasting
Holland Windmills
Budapest Parliament Building and Danube River


~ Offered in 2024 and beyond
~ Choose from dozens of interesting and exciting shore excursions in 4 countries.
~ Includes all food and beverages
~ From $3,999 per person. Combine with airfare and save.


See below itinerary for a map of your trip
European River
Day 1
The Netherlands
Arrive in the beautiful country of The Netherlands, get situated onboard, and tour your ship or the city.
Day 2
Holland Windmills
The Netherlands
The classic windmills of Holland are one of the focal points of your trip! See and tour these iconic structures as you continue your journey through Europe.
Cologne Cathedral
Day 3
Cologne, Germany
Experience Cologne's unique blend of historic and modern architecture whilst savoring the local culture centered around food and beer.
German Building
Day 4
Koblenz, Germany
Enjoy a walking tour of the historic city of Koblenz, or elect to visit the famous Marksburg Castle which overlooks the Rhine.
European Town
Day 5
Miltenburg, Germany
Spend the day enjoying a live demonstration of the glassblowing techniques that are commonly used in this region, and enjoy a tour of the town of Miltenburg.
European Countryside
Day 6
Wurzburg, Germany
Featuring a quintessential preserved medieval German town, your stop in Wurzburg is sure to stand out!
European Countryside
Day 7
Bamburg, Germany
Sip on a local brew as you peruse the various churches and other notable buildings that line the cobblestone streets of Bamburg.
European River
Day 8
Nuremburg, Germany
Experience a town rich with history, including a series of underground rooms that hid and protected precious art during World War II.
Day 9
Regensburg, Germany
European Flower Fields
Set foot in the architecturally-rich city of Regensburg. Ideally situated near the Alpine foothills, this German town matches the beauty which surrounds it.
Day 10
Neuschwanstein Castle Germany
Passau, Germany
Bordering the country of Austria, your stop in Passau affords you the opportunity to enjoy a day-trip to beautiful Salzburg, or experience an airborne flightseeing tour of Neuchwanstein Castle.
Day 11
Monastery Melk, Austria
Melk, Austria
Enjoy a guided tour of this thousand-year-old Benedictine Monastery that overlooks the wine country of northern Austria, or experience a delicious wine-tasting at a local vineyard.
Day 12
European Palace
Vienna, Austria
Perhaps one of the most elegant and artistically-rich cultural epicenters in Europe, Vienna has a myriad of immersive and wonderful experiences to offer.
Day 13
European Gardens
Vienna, Austria
Enjoy some local schnitzel as you tour historic Vienna, or hop over the border and experience
the Capital city of Slovakia, Bratislava.
Day 14
Budapest Parliament Building
Budapest, Hungary
Witness a panoramic view of the famous parliament building in this capitol city. Savor a tasting-tour of the local chocolate and spirits, or relax in traditional thermal baths.
Day 15
European Building
Budapest, Hungary
After breakfast onboard, depart for the flight home. Or enjoy an extended stay for 3 nights in pristine Prague.

Ask about pre and post trip extensions!

*All fares and itineraries are subject to change
Grand European Tour Map 2



National Animal


Capitol City





Fun Fact

German Flag
German CN Tower
Berlin, Germany
European Landscape
Germany is home to over 20,000 castles.
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