Rum Punch & Steel Drums Where Are We?

You might have guessed that we are somewhere in the Caribbean but I bet you did not think Grenada.   We were really surprised at how spectacular this little known port of call really is.   We offer you some fabulous reasons to visit Grenada.

  • Sailing to the Grenadines
  • Experience the Spice Mas Festival
  • Dive the Titanic of the Caribbean
  • Explore the Natural Beauty (Waterfalls, Rainforests, Crater Lakes and White Sandy Beaches)
  • Sample the Authentic Creole Cuisine (Our favorite restaurant was the Belmont Estate!)
  • Rum Factories
  • Batik Factory

The Spice Island of the Caribbean gave us an amazing experience; an experience that is worth repeating.


Cousins Cruising on Costa Fortuna

A cousin's reunion was the theme of my last cruise.  My cousin and I went on our first trip together.  She had not been on a cruise in many years.  What fun we had visiting such ports as San Juan, St. Kitts, Dominica and Grenada.  Everything about the Costa Fortuna was amazing from the food and music to the Broadway style entertainment.  The "at sea" day was relaxing and we were able to sit back, laugh and reminisce.  It was a great time!

Learn more about Costa Fortuna.


Caribbean Soul Food - Yum!

Finding the perfect place to have a bite to eat in St. Thomas may take you off the beaten path and down a narrow alley.

That's exactly where I found Gladys' Café.  After a morning tour of the island, Gladys' was a unique and eclectic place to enjoy some local cuisine.  In addition to the great food, Gladys' is also the place for the best home-made hot sauce in the Caribbean and she LOVES jazz. Gladys Isles was behind the bar humming to Frank Sinatra tunes until one of her patrons asked her to sing.  She obliged and we all had a spontaneous good time.  The Caribbean Soul Food was delicious. This restaurant needs to be on every visitor's hit list.

 Frommer's Review

Antigua-born Gladys Isles is a warm, gracious woman who makes a visit here all the more special. Gladys' Café is housed in a 1700's pump house with a stonework courtyard that has a well (one of only three on the island) in the middle. The good, standard breakfast here is the best value in town. Lunch offerings feature various sandwiches, salads, and fresh seafood, including an excellent swordfish and dumplings. Along with local lobster, shrimp, and fish dishes, the house specialty is the hot chicken salad, made with pieces of sautéed breast with red-wine vinegar, pine nuts, and dill, all nestled on a bed of lettuce.

Prices: Breakfast $5.50-$12; Lunch & Main Courses $9-$18


Finding Lincoln Around The World

On a recent trip to San Juan, my friend and I left the bus to explore the city on our own.  Given we are from the Land of Lincoln we decided it would be fun to search for a statue of Lincoln.  Yes, Abe Lincoln is in San Juan or at least a statue of him is there.  We walked up and down narrow streets in looking for a school where the statue was said to be.  Finally, finding a century old school where there was a tall iron gate with an unlocked padlock on it.  Nervously, we approached the school, thinking we could be arrested at any moment for trespassing.  Went inside and met the principal of the school who graciously took us to the spot where...yes...a statue of Abraham Lincoln, seated, with an open book in his lap, was proudly looking over the city.  It was donated to the school by a wealthy couple who felt Lincoln stood for strength, courage and learning.  Mission accomplished...we found Lincoln.