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By John Noronha

Quick Catholic Links/Resources

Quick Links
Catholic Catechism Canon Law Catholic Encyclopedia Saints Church Fathers NRSV Bible Browser

The Vatican From the home of our Vicar, the Pope

Scott Hahn's Apologetics Dr. Scott Hahn's Radio Tracts and teachings on Apologetics and Catholic Fundamentals

Peter Kreeft One of the best philosophers with free audio tracts you MUST listen to - existence of God, happiness, suffering,etc.

Catholic Controversies Tracts and responses

Catholic Answers Learn about the Catholic faith

Audio Debates Christian and Catholic Debates featuring Peter Kreeft, Cardinal Schornborn, Dinesh D'souza, and others

Catholic Biblical Apologetics Catholic Doctrine Defense From Scripture

Catholic Apologetics International *Excellent* source of Catholic Apologetics, Conferences, events and more

The Papacy, 'UPON THIS ROCK' the Saints and Mary A Historical and Scriptural Defence by a convert - Steve Ray

The Catholic Information Network Daily mass readings, lives of Saints and more

The Eternal Word Television Network TV schedule and listings, ask questions

Catholic City A very good link to a huge source of Catholic Information

Liturgy of the Church Questions on Liturgy,and Liturgical traditions

CatholicNetwork Liturgy,directories,periodicals,news,teachings,documents,magesterium

Envoy magazine Excellent source for Apologetics,articles,dangerous Christian sects and more

Tons of Catholic resources The Catholic encyclopedia and EVERYTHING else you need

St. Joseph Communications Conversion stories, tapes, debates, books and more

Faith First Catechism Catechetical Resources for Catechists for kids, teens, teachers and families

St. Paul's Biblical Institute Great apologetic resources: Hahn et al

Evangelical Outreach Know the other side and be prepared

More conversion stories Conversions of a History Buff, Protestant Minister and more

Saints Calendar An online calendar of Saints

The Office and other Prayers The liturgy of the hours, morning, afternoon and evening prayers , liturgy,etc.

Marian Research World's most comprenhensive teachings on Mary

Catholic Radio Extensive radio programs,featuring Tim Staples,Fr. Groeschel, and more

Catholic Fatherhood Training resources for fathers- leading,discipline,etc.

Catholic Forum Indexed topical information and resources on a plethora of topics

Marian Apparitions Marian Apparitions, List of Approved and other Apparitions, with theie messages

Priests for LIFE A PRO-LIFE support Site for any one considering or recovering from abortions.

A.C.T.S. The American Catholic Truth Society

Fathers Of The Church Early Church Fathers on Salvation, Sacraments, Church, Theotokos, Eschatology

The Nazareth Resource Library James Akin Defends the Catholic Faith

Catholic World News Latest Catholic News from Around the World

Sonitus Sanctus Free Catholic MP3 Audio

Institute of Catholic Culture Center for evangelization and catechesis: Awesome talks on Philosophy, Theology, History, Scripture,etc.

Catholic Resourses Resources for Catholic Educators

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